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Janek Gwizdala, Evan Marien
Jayme Lewis, Scott Devine

Fun Fact:

Can do back flips off of any surface


Lead Guitar & Vocals


Joe Satriani, Steve Vai,
Guthrie Govan, Van Halen

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Can solve a Rubics Cube in seconds




Mike Mangini, John Bonham,
Mike Portnoy, Jon Theodore

Fun Fact:

Hot sauce fantatic

The story goes...

Soon2b has enough energy to power a full fleet of vehicles fresh out of the Motor City. They have a fuel that burns full throttle, ignited by the heat of their bluesy hard rock fusion sound along with the power and passion in their performances. It's no wonder that the executive producers of America's Got Talent labeled them “Jimi Hendrix reborn.” This prodigious group of youngsters have been building a buzz around the Detroit music scene since they first formed in late 2011.

Founding member and bass player, A.J. Verschaeve, hooked up with lead guitarist Michael Hilgendorf and found they were fueled by a mutual interest in the electrifying sound of the classics like Hendrix, Santana and Led Zeppelin. “It was clear from the start that we had something special” said A.J., “we just clicked and knew it was right to bring back the classic sound.” The band was soon joined by drummer, Ethan Martel adding a touch of blues, jazz and metal to spice up the mix creating the perfect new genre that the band has labeled, “Hard Rock Fusion.” The combination works and gives Soon2b the extraordinary edge that defines the bands fierce sound.

Excited as they were with the new sounds they were laying down, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm the fans would find in their music. Within a few weeks of releasing their debut CD, Split Personality, the addictive melodies and the fresh yet familiar sound really began to catch on. Along with their heart pumping, high octane stage show, Soon2b is a stimulant to the senses that can't be contained. Dave Christensen owner of the Southern Thumb Music Studio said, “ These three individuals have grown and learned so much that they are now officially a band gigging around the Detroit area. Each performance is electrifying and shows how dedicated they are to learn their craft and perform.”

This power trio of young musicians have played some of the hottest venues in the Detroit Metro area including the Crofoot in Pontiac, Art on the River in Port Huron and they blew the doors off the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit, with an open invitation to return at any given time. Yet as instrumental as the music is, the group realizes the importance of giving back. Soon2b has rocked numerous charitable events over the years including the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity and they headlined for Mark Rucker's “The Firestarters Silent Dream Show” at McMorran Theater in Port Huron.

Although they couldn't be happier than they are with all of their devoted fans in Detroit-Metro area, Soon2b wants to expand their horizons to become known on a national scale. With the upcoming release of their second CD and its intense, technical guitar solos, melodic bass lines and chest pounding drum beats, Soon2B is prepared to jolt a new generation right back into rock with its own special twist. The raw energy and amped up vibe of this up and coming band is like an infection, spreading like wild fire and as far as we know, thankfully, there is no cure.

Split Personality

Here's a couple songs off our album Split Personality. It was recorded at Sidewinder Studios which is located in the basement of the High Octane Lounge in Romeo Mi. We recorded it over a couple weekends in April 2013.

Split Personality

The Edge

Live Recordings

These were recorded live on a REALLY cold snowy day at the Crofoot Pike Room in Pontiac Michigan. Turned out to be an awesome gig!

Muffin Man
Frank Zappa (Cover)

Detroit Rock City
Kiss (Cover)

Wonderful Slippery Thing
Guthrie Govan (Cover)

Photo Gallery

A few photos from our photo shoot in Detroit and some of our favorite gigs!

Upcoming and Past Events

We have some great gigs coming up and have had some great ones in the past as well.

IBC Youth Showcase

Memphis, TN
6:00 PM
23 Jan 2015 Friday

IBC Fundraiser

Rochester, MI
Classic Lanes
18 Jan 2015 Sunday

IBC Fundraiser

Auburn Hills, MI
Callahans Music Hall
9:00 PM
3 Jan 2015 Saturday

IBC Fundraiser

Richmond, MI
7:00 PM
19 Dec 2014 Friday

Blue ChiliGrass Festival

Wales, MI
Goodells County Park
1 Sept 2014 Monday

Summer Bash

Clinton Twp, MI
Detroit Pub
16 Aug 2014 Saturday

Detroit Blues Challenge

Rochester, MI
Classic Lanes
10 Aug 2014 Sunday

Pike Room Soon2b

Crofoot Pike Room

Pontiac, MI
Pike Room
22 June 2014 Sunday

Art on the River Soon2b

Lynch's Irish Tavern

Port Huron, MI
210 Huron Ave
20 June 2014 Friday

Art on the River Soon2b

Art on the River

Port Huron, MI
Quay Street
14 June 2014 Saturday

Soon2b Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Chesterfield, MI
L'Ance Creuse MS
31 May 2014 Saturday

Relay for Life Soon2b

Relay For Life

New Baltimore, MI
Anchor Bay MS
17 May 2014 Saturday
Shockwave Soon2b

The Detroit Pub

Clinton Twp, MI
Rock to the Future
5 May 2014 Sunday

Pike Room Soon2b

Crofoot Pike Room

Pontiac, MI
Pike Room
26 Jan 2014 Sunday

Silent Dream Show

Port Huron, MI
McMorran Theater
3:00pm & 7:00pm
12 Oct 2013 Saturday

Music by the Bay

New Baltimore, MI
Walter & Mary Park
10 Aug 2013 Saturday

Soon2b High Octane Lounge Kingsfoil


Romeo, MI
High Octane Lounge
17 Apr 2013 Wednesday

Soon2b HardRock Detroit

Hard Rock Cafe

Detroit, MI
Hard Rock Cafe
3 Feb 2013 Sunday

The shop

    Split Personality

    Split Personality

    Soon2b's debut album which they worked on beginning late September 2012 into early April 2013 incorporates a unique modern classic hard rock feel driven by intense guitar solos, melodic basslines and enthusiastically fast drumming. Recorded over several weekends at Sidewinder Studios out of Romeo, Michigan, won't dissapoint music fans.

    We usually have a few copies of our album for sale at shows but would be more than happy to mail one (or more) to you. Check-out with paypal and we'll ship to you ASAP!


A few news articles about us...

C & G News | February 4 2015

Six months ago, the members of local rock band Soon2b started down a path that many young musicians dream of, but it didn’t hit them until very recently.

The Voice News | January 15 2015

Taking part in a major international music event is a dream for most young musicians; but three local boys will be living it when they travel to Memphis, Tenn., later this month.

Banana 101.5 | January 21 2013

Local rockers Soon2b are young, hungry and ready to travel to Chicago this weekend to try out for America's Got Talent. With influences from Zeppelin, AC/DC and Van Halen, these kids are ready to kick some ass and turns some heads.

Beacon News | June 2013 Vol 84

A great band needs a catchy name, a name that people will remember and Soon2b is just that, a catchy name that you will not soon forget.

The Voice News | January 23 2013

The trio that makes up the band, Soon2b are traveling to Chicago this weekend with dreams of earning a place on the TV show "America's Got Talent.

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